Sunday, December 7, 2008

My first day of cold rain

...It was really just a drizzle with small spurts of rain. But it was cold none the less. Jason drove me across the Golden Gate bridge to a little breakfast cafe, where I ate a 2nd breakfast and did my best to mentally engage in the cycle weather I was forcing myself to pass through.

San Fransisco is truly a bike friendly community. Beyond just the friendly drivers and the multitude of bike trails, there are actually tons and tons of bikes on the road. San Francisco is the only place in my entire trip where I witnessed a true integration of cycling into commuting life. WTG San Fran.

I sort of weaseled my way through the town of Marin trying to stay close to Hwy. 101, hoping that I would pick up 101 sometime soon after San Francisco to head north toward Eureka. It wasn't to be. 101 is a major highway and not for cyclists, so I change my anticipated route once again and heading west toward the coast.

Of course, this included a challenging uphill just after I past San Quentin prison. For the first time I was swallowed in the canopy of trees with the sound of a rushing streaming to my right. I hadn't seen running water since the bayou's in Louisiana, and it's presence reminded me nostalgically of the streams at home. I was certainly getting close.

The canopy protected me from the drizzle, but patter of rain collecting on the leaves and then falling in colletive drops would intermittently strike me as a cold splash to my face. The only exposed skin to the weather on my rain guarded body. But my feet would soon feel the effects of the water seeping through my cycling shoes. And I once again had a new element to overcome.

Once the toes go numb there is little to feel but much to be concerned about (so I hear). It would take nearly 3 hours for my toes to thaw out tonight. I rode through to dark and found myself in Tomales, CA at The Continental Inn. This was a cute colonial like bed and breakfast with a nice lady, Peggy, who I hinted to (and then she offered) to wash and dry my clothes for me. It was just one night before Thankgiving.

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Shannon said...

Congratulations Trav....your almost here.....we miss you. You should cry.....what you have done is amazing.