Sunday, December 7, 2008

I cried pride

Pictures to follow...

I left Tomales as light appeared. There was no rain or much wind to speak of. But it was bitter cold and I was determined to see the coast.

Today was an I-pod shuffle day. My buddy Ben sent me this little blue gadget filled with hours and hours of comedy and music. Today was one of those days where I tune out the other sounds and soak in the scenery motivated by a hard leg pounding ride and rolling hills. I grit my teeth and keep warm by the sheer pace and energy exerted from mashing the pedals over and over again.

As the rising sun glowed through the clouds, the cars passing me were nearly all carrying surfboards. One after the other the speeding cars reminded me I was getting close. I pushed harder and sped faster down the winding hills until a rightward incline opened up the sky and below there was no more land. I was looking over a cliff to the daring surfers below as my ipod blared an appropriate song adding to the magnificence of the storied moment in which I was my own main character. I've travelled coast to coast (the long way) and I cried tears of pride.

I coasted down the cliff road to the parking lot where the surfers were scurring to get out of the water and catch the next wave. The water was 51 degrees one of them told me. Another asked me how far I had been riding. When I said "from Tampa, and this was my first time to see the west coast", he welcomed me with the perfect surfer's response. "Happy f***ing Thankgiving dude!"

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