Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Home - whatever that means

I'm home. After arriving at dusk on Monday the 8th, enduring a rapidly decreasing temperature, I sat on the porch at my friend Junior's house. I just sat down absorbing the moment trying to contemplate the fact that my journey was complete. There would be no getting up to ride tomorrow. Exhaustion overwhelmed the moment from the 90 miles I just pedalled through the a cold winter day. I collapse backward, resting my wool hat covered head onto the deck, and fell asleep...

Home is an elusive word for me right now. I don't really now where it is. There are many places I am welcome but no place any longer I want to call home. Much of this tour has turned out to be a discovery of what "home" will be for me in the future. The good thing is that I have a options. Great options!!!

So there isn't much else to say now that I am finished. But there will be another adventure to follow soon. I promise you.

Thanks for being here.


Shannon said...

Congratulations Trav....Love you very much and so glad you are home safe. You will find your home soon enough. I have faith in you. Even though I am your little sister I am proud of you.

Richard said...

Wow! You did it. I've been following you the entire time. If I was wearing a hat right now I'd tip it for you. Although we have never met, I feel like I know you. Congratulations!!!!! What an accomplishment.