Monday, November 24, 2008

Time for Raingear

Today was a long day. I had a mountain ride in the dark for a couple of hours last night. And a 7PM when it dropped below 40 degrees, I stopped to camp. I had half a Subway and half a bag of nuts that I ate before I slept.

I woke early and was on the rode by 7:30 AM. It was 33 degrees and I'm pedalling. And yes, this is still fun to me. But I was desperately hoping to clear the mountains and give my weary legs a rest.

No luck. It took me 65 miles and 5 hours of climbing to reach anywhere to eat or replenish water. I did however start talking to the cows, even giving some of them names, as they were my only company during this grueling stretch. I started to repeat a lot things to myself and my legs no longer felt the pain of pedalling. I was reaching for ways to keep enduring the climbs, since each descent only followed another mountain to climb. At one point I was out of water as well and my cell phone was out of service the whole way. In the 65 mile stretch, only 20 or so cars passed me. To add to the allure of the day, my bike computer quit gauging my speed, and therefore the mileage I was travelling became an illusive indicator of exactly how much farther I had to go.

But I made it, of course. All the way to the Hollister Inn in Hollister California. The greatest little hotel in California. I am looking forward to the long rest in the clean room. They allowed me to do my laundry here and I am actually on the laptop of the family that owns the hotel to send you this blog. Thx Sam. Much appreciated. You run a great hotel!!!

Take care all... Be back soon... I hope


Shannon said...

I am so glad you made always I have been worried. It is pretty amazing how far you have come. You are almost there. Zach is going to race you home...I think you are going to beat

Mom and Dad said...

Hey Trav, good to talk to you today. We are so proud of you and your long trek.We look forward to seeing you in mid Dec. Hang in there and don't be discouraged. We are praying for you.

prettypegasus said...

Hey Travis* Shannon told me that you are a super duper serious biker athlete now... WOW! I am so proud of you for allowing yourself to experience exactly what you want to: a long, soul cracking, leg breaking, spirit stregthening, and adventurous---bike ride ;-) You have worked hard and I hope you arrive at your destination, wherever that may be..., a new and envigorated man* WORD DOGGGGGG!