Saturday, November 15, 2008

Texas Canyons to Tuscon

The Texas Canyons were simply to tempting to ride for speed. I had just fixed a flat and traversed about a 900 foot elevation gain. The winds were uniquely calm and I want to make Arizona by sundown.

The cost was I didn't take any pictures through this gorgeous scene of rockery. It is Awesome! So here is a link to check out picture from what I biked through...
From here it was a smooth sailing night ride to the outskirts of Tucson. Today's ride was well over 100 miles and ended when I had a flat after dark. So I pitched my tent and decide to fix the flat in the morning... I slept great!

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Shannon said...

Keep going Trav. Your still rockin'. Take care of yourself. I look forward to seeing you in Dec. Love ya.

P.S I enjoyed your stories. :-)