Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Photo Extravaganza... Catching up!

I have a lot of pictures to catch up on. So in order not to confuse the order of the trip, all pictures on this post will be from the time I entered Texas up to the post about the Texas Canyons (which by the way is not in Texas but in Arizona). I will post 5 or so pictures per blog and call them Photo Extravaganza 2, 3 and so forth...

After that the blog will be caught up with pictures and the typical chronological order will continue.

Let's have some picture fun.

So this picture wasn't included in the original blog. I actually thought the mis-spelled word "Firendly" was a corny way of expressing the local accent as if saying "furrr-rendly". But when I left Texas and looked back, the same exact sign on the other side of the freeway had the spelling correct. So now I just think it was a spelling error.

This was my buddy "Lil". He lives with Ryan and Bridgette in near Dallas. Apparently, Lil likes to growl at boys before getting comfy with their presence. But I never heard a growl from Lil, so I felt special. Ryan is my friend Ben's cousin and I stayed with them for a couple of days before leaving Dallas.
See you guys in December!

On the 26th of October, Cati and I ran in the Muddy Buddy run at Cedar Hills State Park. We had to run and bike and traverse some basic obstacles before running through the mud pit and crossing the finish line. We took 5th out of the 57 teams in our division. Way To Go Cati! The greatest muddy buddy ever.

This is my 2nd cousin Linda Devine. She is a massuese and lives in a cute little community in Arlington Texas. I got a belly full of dinner and then breakfast the next morning before heading toward Fort Worth.

Thx Linda!

This is John (in the middle) and another employee from Bicycles Inc. . If you remember from the prior blog. In trying to find this store I had two flats, went several miles in the wrong direction and then finally arrived at their old location (I was using a navigator that didn't have the updated address). However the ride was worth it as I got a new set of tires, a new bike computer and some other needs. Thank for all the help guys!

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