Sunday, November 16, 2008

Photo Extravaganza 3 The Carlsbad Caverns

Meet Evelyn. She is the Greatest National Park Custodian Ever!!! She's not a bad wine drinking partner too.

I just like this cactus! It was on the park grounds.

This bathroom is 750 feet underground and built within the caverns. It's cool down here at just 56 degrees... You know what that
This is the natural entrance to the caves. From March to October at dusk thousands of bats blackout the sky through this entrance as they head out to feed for the evening.
You can see the attractive amphiteatre in the picture that has been built for viewing the bat exodus.

Even nature has a sense of humor.

I took the weight of my luggage off the bike and enjoyed a nice 6 mile climb from the base camp to the cavern park center.

There isn't much color in the desert and this scence was beautiful with the water seeping down the rocks under the red's and greens of the tree leaves.

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