Sunday, November 16, 2008

Photo Extravaganza 2

After some great directions from Bicycles Inc, I arrived at Fort Worth near sundown. Fort Worth has a really small and clean downtown area with some attractive buildings. I liked the ride through downtown and I nearly stopped to have a beer at a pub that was packed... maybe next time.

If you have ever wondered where I shower. Here is one of those places. This is a Love's Travel Center. They have Subway and showers available 24 hours. I Love's these places!!!

I arrived at this Love's after bicycling through Fort Worth around 11PM. I received a complimentary showever from my new friend Deanna and rested for a couple of hours. I rode until 3 AM this night.

Well, it didn't take long for my bicycle to need some new TLC. A couple of blocks before my Gold's Gym destination the bolt connecting my rack and luggage to the frame of the bike snapped. I started wobbling all over the road from the dangling luggage. I walked to the Golds Gym and unloaded my gear from the bike and pedalled on to VT Bike Stuff ( Mike (on the right) drove me around town to Home Depot and an auto parts store to make shift a new rig that would hold the rack to the frame. Thank you Tom and Mike for the diligent work getting me back on the road. Muchas Gracias!


So it was time to celebrate a good work out and freshly healed bike. So I pedalled to Abuelo's, sat at the bar and ordered a tasty dish of tenderloin and shrimp with spinach and a slice of tres leches. YUM!!!! The bar had just a few seat so the bartendress and some of the wait staff were a kick to hang out with. It was halloween night and I had a great time. Thx gals!!! I was invited to a halloween party but elected to ride into the night... HA!

Well, I didn't get too far. This is my camp just a few miles away. Too many complimentary Margaritas. The funny thing is there is another road just 30 feet to the right of this picture. I didn't see it when I set up camp.

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