Sunday, November 16, 2008

Perfect timing in Casa Grande

I arrived at my Uncle Ray and Aunt Renee's house in Casa Grande around 9PM. Just one day before 20 tons of rocks were to arrive for their back yard. It was perfect timing. They needed some muscles and I needed some exercise that didn't include pedalling. It was perfect timing.

This is Pablo from Guatemala. He is working hard but 20 tons. Yikes!!!

It might look like Ray is working on the yard, but don't be fooled. He just went over and picked up the shovel asking, "What do you call this tool?"

Pablo has the last of the 20 tons in his shovel and we are wrapping things up.

Big rocks require big efforts... So here I am taking credit for moving this one.

And part of the finished product. It's looks great Ray and Renee... Thanks for good times. See you again soon.

Oh yeah! And this highlight of Casa Grande. Ray and I played 3 rounds of Wii Golf. I only won once as it came down to me blowing a 2 stroke lead on the final hole in the tiebreaker game.
Nice win Ray!!!

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Shannon said...

Lookin good trav....your almost there. Love ya and miss ya....stay safe as always.