Thursday, November 6, 2008

My thoughts on the election..

Election Smeckshin.... I'm at the Caverns!!!

I woke up to a wild pig staring at my tent. A small one (maybe 50 pounds) but certainly not what I expected to see when I looked outside. He ran off as I scurried for my camera. Here is a picture of the hotel lobby where I checked in for the campground as well. If you like raccoons and skunk and wild pig... this is the place to be. The freaks come out at night!

If you haven't seen the Carlsbad Caverns, put it immediately to the top of your "to do" list. Seriously, it is everything from a simply spectacular life long memory to an eerie and creepy natural haunted house.
I rode the 6 mile 1000 foot elevation climb in just about 30 minutes. I took the weight off my bike for the climb... SWEET! The main chambers are a 2 mile underground walk with the most amazing scenery you can imagine underground. It was cool at 56 degrees and 90% humidity. One of the chambers called the big room is bigger than 14 football fields... HUGE~~~

This is the scene arriving at the park facility at 4600 feet.

Here is the natural entrance to the cavern. The amphitheater is used to watch the daily mass exodus of bats that exit in an overhead blackout at dusk from March to October.

And some picture from deep in the earth...

I stole these from the website since the pictures on my camera are trapped. I still don't have the adapting cord. Patience...

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