Monday, November 3, 2008

The Law in Big Spring

The law got me again. And this time I had to actually get my ID out for the officer to check my background. Eek... I was scared. Well, not really, but who knows with my recent lawless past.

I passed the screening and he sent me on my way. I asked to take his picture and he declined, siting that it might end up on or something like that. Good call officer Witokowski. He gave me his card instead.

So the apparent law in Texas is no driving on the interstate after dark... It was about 10:30 PM when he pulled me over.


Mom and Dad said...

Night time on the freeway does sound a bit dangerous but, then I'm your Mom. Keep up the good work Bud. I read Richard's entry glad to hear another kind person is folowing your adventure. God bless and keep you. "Hugs"

jonpfl said...

Cops are just gang members with badges!!!!!

Miss Debra said...

Texas schmexas. Funny, I wonder why 10:30 is the time limit? What happens that is so safe before then? Be careful as always.