Monday, November 3, 2008

I have so much to say!!!

Hi Everyone. I am SOOOOOO sorry for the delay in posting. I made an incorrect assumption I would find internet cafe's in the mid size towns trough Texas. Everyone has gone wireless so not having my computer poses a problem for blogging. To get this post to you, I have gone inside a Quality Inn at night and sweet talked my way into using the computer they have for their customers.

It has gotten lonely without the blogging routine so if you are watching, please leave comments. They really help keep me going. Heck, even a honk from a random truck driver motivates me so it doesn't take much. What doesnt motivate me is the Coors Light can of beer that got thrown over my head a few days ago.

I have so much to say. Let me start by saying that today's ride was my favorite so far. Perhaps because the last several days were steady incline into a brisk head wind. But today was calm and hot and the road was smooth and fast. I rode 80 miles in about 4 hours of riding. And I plan on about a 15-20 night ride north toward New Mexico's Carlsbad Caverns. Here is a view of today's sunset from Pecos Texas. I took this picture while pedalling at about 24 MPH. I love that stuff.

Here is a summary of what has happened since Dallas. I replaced my tires, my rack holding my luggage broke, I got pulled over again, I've climbed to over 3000 feet above sea level, Cati and I took 5th place out of 57 in our division in the "Muddy Buddy" race, I stayed with my 2nd Cousin and I changed my route... again. Oh yeah, and I made a few more friends.

Special thanks to Jen and Serena for offering me their couch and laughing when I thought I was being funny. Good times girls. I hope I helped you make a few friends.

To my new friends Ryan and Brittany (hooks from Bentastic himself)... You guys Rock! See you in Seattle in December. Also thanks to his friend Matt for the use of the mountain bike for the muddy buddy race.

Also thanks toLinda Devine, my cousin, who offered me the most comfy bed I have slept on for this trip and feeding me both dinner and breakfast before leaving the Dallas area.


I felt prepared and physically ready for a strong ride to leave the Dallas area. It turned out to be a jinx. My bike's computer quick working. The computer becomes my friend as I constantly monitor the speed, the time and the cadence. It is a little game I play with myself to keep my mind occupied as I persistently pedal. I missed the computer immediately. No more gauging the miles accurately and frustration set in.

As I crossed the border into Fort Worth, I was looking down at my tires wondering if I should replace them for the long haul through Texas. I am not making this up. As I was looking at the rear tire (and not the road) I had my first blow out flat. All 125 PSI in the tire emptied in a second and I was riding my rim before I could stop. Ugh. I guess that answered my question eh?

So I found a bike store on my navigator about 3 miles down the road and called to see if they had the tires I wanted. They did and I rode toward their location. Only I went the wrong way. If you know me well, then you know that backtracking ranks right up their with stabbing myself in the ear with a pencil. And on the bicycle it's even worse. As I am peddaling back the way I came, its like a slow motion slideshow of each building reminding me of how stupid I just was.

Then, just after I passed the spot where I had the blow out, my front tire punctured and slowly drained.

Oh, it gets better.... promise! I fixed the 2nd flat quickly and pedal on to Bicycles Inc. The navigator took me right to their location. Only it was their old location. The current location was another 5 miles away... I could only laugh at myself going nowhere fast.

So I did get there and it was an outstanding bike store. They hooked me up with a new computer, new tires, some fine tuning adjustments, plenty of well wishes and some great directions to ride into and through Fort Worth. After sailing through Fort Worth, I rode that night until 3 AM hopping from truck stop to rest stop until I couldn't take it anymore. I pitched a tent at a rest stop and crashed for a few hours.

This is what I look like after riding until 3AM.

A couple of items to note... I am taking lots of pictures but sent my adapter to download them back to Seattle. I will have it back after Phoeniz and then you will have a photo extravaganza!!!
More to come...


Richard said...

I've been following you since you started your maiden voyage at the Suncoast Parkway (near Tampa). You met a friend of mine and his wife (Hugh & Stacy). He told me about your adventure and I’ve been hooked ever since. I have to admit you had my heart pounding with the close call in New Orleans, scary! I’m a little envious about your zest for adventure. I’ve certainly thought about doing what you are doing but only dreamt about it. You are actually doing it. Great for you!! Well I wish you the best of luck and I’ll keep following you. Stay safe and trust your instincts, they are always right. God speed!

Shannon said...

hey there, make sure you get rest and dont take pictures going so are you trying to crash? I am glad you are ok and doing well. That sunset/rise was beautiful. I cannot wait to see more pictures. You take care, love ya. Oh and I turned my paper in....I will have to tell you what I got once he grades it.

Kukie Monstr said...

Richard... Welcome to the blog. Thank you for following. Always nice to see a new name. Say hi to Hugh and Stacy for me... All the best!