Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Homestretch - Leaving San Fransisco

I was promised rain yesterday by the weather report. It never came. I jinxed it by putting my raingear on in the morning before the rain came. I know, I know. For those of you who know me well, its not like me to be prepared like this. So I just want to illustrate another reason why that sort of prep doesn't pay off. All I did was sweat soak the inside of my raingear and clothes. A drop of rain never fell on the outside.
About 25 miles from the Hotel in Hollister is a little city called Morgan Hill. This is where Specialized (the manufacturer of my bicycle) is based and I called to ask for a tour. I was fortunate on short notice to receive a call back from Nancy, the owner's assistant, who gave me a thorough and friendly solo tour of most of the company's operations. I wasn't allowed to enter the R&D areas even though I electronically signed a non-disclosure agreement. It was very professional and far more of a tour than I expected to receive. Thank you Nancy.

PLEASE BUY SPECIALIZED BICYCLES. This company is employee friendly and green. I never saw a person without a smile on their face so you can be sure the product is made with care.

It turned out to be a pleasantly beautiful ride. There was a consisent hint of blue sky peaking through the haze of billowing clouds that eventually succeeded in convering the sun by the time I reached the busy streets of San Francisco's suburbs. I chose the challenge of El Camino Real. About 45 miles of tightly weaving my way through traffic as commuting cars speed by just feet aside me. It was a nice change from the last four days of solitude in the mountains. And the busy streets from Santa Clara to San Francisco welcomed me without a single vicious honk the entire way. San Francisco is definitely a cycle concious and friendly community.

I slept well in a very comfy bed after Jason and Ashley treated me to some sushi and sake. Thank you guys for the fun. Safe travel to AZ and happy Thanksgiving.

Today I cross the Golden Gate Bridge. I am technically further than 3/4 of the way home, but this feels like the kick off of the homestretch. I am a mix of homesick and sort of sad there is an end coming to this adventure. But, for certain, I can look back and be proud of what I have done.

Thank you all for your support and calls and emails. And HAPPY THANKSGIVING TOO!!!


Shannon said...

Holy Crap I cant believe you are already leaving san fransico....awesome trav, really awesome. We will miss you on Thanksgiving and will be thinking of you. I will call you to say hi and hopefully you can answer...if not I will see you soon. Miss you and always stay safe...your sis.

jonpfl said...

I am back in the states after being in Italy for a week.

Give me a call sometime.

I started a blog as well :

I just started it so it will be a few days before I am complete