Saturday, November 15, 2008

El Paso to New Mexico to Arizona

So the forthcoming days through El Paso and New Mexico to Arizona seemed like carbon copies of each other. Of course, they were not, but certain variables remained constant. The pace was slow from the wind in my face, trucks and truck stops were guaranteed familiarites, and pitching my tent on the highway while falling asleep to the sound of the passing semi's.

Here is one nights camp just about 50 feet from the highway. I am nestled just beyond a stickery bush hidden from the traffic going west.

I arrived in New Mexico again. Mile marker 162 assured me I was just two days to Arizona. And I felt like progress was being made.

Dairy Queen seems to be the dominant fast food in the region. I am not used to that being from Seattle. But I have grown to crave a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard... a habit I intend to get over before I get back home.
The windiest part of my ride came at the "continental divide". This is a divide in the US were all water west flows to the pacific and all water east flows to the Atlantic. I didn't care where the water went. To me this meant I would start riding downhill. Finally!!!

My arrival in Arizona came at sundown. The picture is bad from my phone but the Extravaganza from my camera will give you a better view. Arizona almost immediately, marked a new change in temperature once again. I was at a much lower elevation after today's ride and the night was warmer than the 33-45 degrees after dark I was getting used to.

The sunsets in Arizone are the most beautiful I have ever seen... including Belize.

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