Saturday, November 15, 2008

The desert is a lonely place...

I have had time to reflect on the lengthy ride through the desert in Texas and New Mexico. It is truly a lonely place. I can understand why people see UFO's here.

But the desert being lonely doesn't negate the beauty that is present here. Its not sexy or glamourous. It is natural and untouched. But the solitude is congruent with a feeling self reliance. There are few conveniences and even fewer luxuries. And the feelings of self worth, self motivation and pride arrive at the forefront of daydreaming. As I pedal on, I become more comfortable with myself and the loneliness of the desert. The further from convenience and luxury I travel, the more attached I become to the presence of these lands and my impact on them. I am just visiting, but feeling as if I am becoming a part of the scenery. As if I am no longer just a visitor. I like it here.

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