Sunday, October 12, 2008

The world famous Fred's Lounge in Mamou

Day 17, Chicot State Park, 10/11/08, Miles 1021
I left Chicot State Park with a belly full of good breakfast food (thanks again Chip, Tonia and Madison) and some fresh legs ready to ride.
On my way back to the main highway I pedalled over this bridge. It was fascinating to me. On the water were these little tiny lilly pad like leaves. At a glance it just looked like bright algae on the water. I doubt the picture does this scene justice. It was really something special.
Fred's lounge was in Mamou. It is a slight detour south, but I have been told by a several folks it is worth the trip. And it was. When I walked in, at 11AM mind you, it was jam packed with folked all sipping beer and looking like they had been there for hours. The cajun music was an original experience and the scene, with it's low ceilings and people 5 deep to get to the bar was overwhelming. Fred's place probably hada fire capacity of 60 people and I bet there were at least 100 in this little 20 ft. X 30 ft room. It was too much for me as I had to decide either to meet and drink with the folks or move on and get a full days ride in. If I had gotten there around 9AM in time to meet some people before it got too busy I probably would have stayed. But it was too late for that so I soaked up the scene briefly and headed back north.
I was strong on the bike today and 105 miles later I rested at my new camp.

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