Friday, October 3, 2008

Wham Bam see ya Alabama

Beginning Day 9, 10/03/08, Fort Morgan Alabama, Mile 599

Mickey and Roger dropped me back off at Tacky Jacks. Thanks again for the fun guys. When I am your age I better still know how to have fun like you.

Uh oh... I can't find my bicycling glasses. I love these specs. The are good for day and night, they are light and they are scratch and bulletproof. What more could you want? I was worried I left them at Mickey's house but I triple checked everything before we left. So I went into Tacky Jacks, which was just opening for breakfast. I thought maybe after a few drinks I might have left them in the bar downstairs. The lady was busy opening but said she would look... And then looked at me, laughed and said "there on top of your hat!" I felt the warmth of embarrassment come over me, followed by the chill of, "I'm an idiot".

I think I was still laughing at myself by the time I finished the two mile stroll to the ferry. But that laughter ended when I made it to the dock. I have a flat again :(. I guess 3 flats in about 700 miles isn't too bad. But I could have a little wider tire to handle the weight. I think only one of the 3 flats I have had are from a puncture. The others I think have come from too much pressure hitting bumps or small rocks. A wider tire would handle the weight better and absorb the pressure changes from rocks and bumps a lot better.

I expected to be able to eat somewhere on Dauphin Ilsand after the ferry. It was a small ferry that could hold only 20 or so cars and there was no terminal or breakfast gathering place on the other side. In fact, I biked about 10 miles just to find a convenience store to ask where a good place to eat is.

I don't know why I ask for directions. Maybe its just the chance to talk to someone for a second since I am solo on the road. But for the most part, people don't know how to give directions and nothing has proven more reliable than my VZ Navigator on my phone. But the folks giving directions are always nice............. so after 5 minutes of virtually no good information, I went west on 188.

Now this was a mystery to me. 5 miles down the road was a restaurant called Mary's Place. I pulled it up on my VZ Navigator just less than a mile away. So I am thinking about the guy at the convenience store who could of just said, "just head down that road there yonder and Mary's place be up there on the left before ya know it." He must have been a disgruntled in-law of Mary's...

So I spent about 3 hours at Mary's drinking at least a post of coffee and getting to know what a special place this was. I didn't see anything on the road getting here from Dauphin Island. And I didn't see anything for many mile after leaving either. But you can just tell when you walk into this place that is a busy and happy local gathering that never lets you down. My server was Shannon (like my sis) and the owner Dan were as accomodating at could be imagined. The food was good and in the end I left feeling like I had knew friends. They even took my picture and said they were starting a "travelling customer of the month" board so the regulars could see who was passing through. And I was going to be there first travelling customer. Thank Mary's Place. It's no wonder you've been open since 1935.

BTW - Thanks for the idea to go to Bayfest in Mobile. ( Maybe next year.

About twenty miles latter I was saying "goodbye Alabama, hello Mississippi." Alabama was a quickie as I passed through in just 24 hours.

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