Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wear and Tear on the Bicycle

Beginning Day 8, 10/02/08, Narrave Florida, Mile510

My bicycle needs a name... Any suggestions? Please help.

I got a wake up call this morning for 6:30, which seemed like a smart idea at the time. Each of the last three days have included both the biking and a lifting work out (and one evening drinking). When i woke up this morning, I felt something like Monday mornings used to feel like after weekend long wrestling tournament in college. Ironically, it felt great, like I had really accomplished something and had the battle scars to prove it.

I am on my way to Bikes Plus in Pensacola to have my crank looked at... lol. Minds out of the gutter please. Something is slipping in the crank when I am peddaling. It is minor now but it will and has gotten worse since it started yesterday morning. Probably all the extra mashing from the windy ride and the heavy load. Damn that wind!

The gentleman at the bike shop were quite knowledgable and very helpful. Bike Plus get's a thumbs up from me. I had some loose bolts and my rack holding all the weight was about ready to fall off from a loose bolt. I guess I had better do a daily morning check of the vitals on my "nameless" bicycle. I think the problem is just the chain carrying a little rust and needed some TLC. I am learning how to survive on the bike as I go. Do any of you see me doing it a different way? :)

My body has taken a little damage as well. I have a recurring little cramp in my right hamstring as I pull the pedal upward. It's not of any consequence yet and I continue to take the potassium glutonate pills everyday. I also have a joint pain that is bothering me on the outside of my right knee. It is from the way I have to twist me heel out of the clips the secure my feet to the pedals. I need to loosing the clip and hopefully that will help. Knock on wood... no wipeouts yet. I had a close call cutting a corner too sharp and jamming the left pedal into the blacktop. It only startled me and I probably looked silly to the oncoming traffic.

Thank you everyone watching and keeping up with me. I have a lot of encouragement and it keeps me pedalling!!!

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