Sunday, October 12, 2008

Waking up on I-49

Day 18, I-49 south of Natchitoches, 10/12/08, Mile 1126

This was my camp. I biked until dark and then just nestled up off the highway where I was safe from traffic (but not mosquitos). I was a sweaty sticky mess but I slept well anyway. I always do.

I biked over 30 miles to Natchitoches for breakfast and was lucky to run into another Shoney's buffet. Sweet!!! I love that place.
I also found a gym to get a good weightlifting workout and a laundry wash my clothes. I met David and Lori Foshee who were kind enough to give me some soap and dryer sheets. The laundry mat didn't was out. Thank you two so much for the help.

There was a lot of this through northern Louisiana. Long distances between exits. Just a warm up for the desert though. These distance make for good peaceful and safe rides.

I thought this was a funny anecdote on the church reader board. My GPS wasn't working because I was out out Verizon's network area. I called Verizon and I was in an extended coverage area. I guess they "can't hear me now".

The moon was so bright tonight I almost packed up and kept riding. Naw.... to tired.


The Ardoin's said...

Hang on and keep pedelin you only have 1 day left until Dallas~


Shannon said...

You rock Trav...keep it up.