Monday, October 13, 2008

Trouble with the Law

Day 19, 25 miles south of Shreveport, Louisiana, 10/13/08, Mile 1198

This was my camp for the night. It is actually next to an onramp and the main highway was a further away. But the big trucks were very loud as they passed intermittently throughout the night.

Meet officer Mondello of the Louisiana State Police. He pulled me over with a quick bleep of his siren and some fancy blue lights. I really had no idea why he had pulled me over until he told my I couldn't ride my bike on the interstate in Louisiana. He was pleasant and asked about my tour. I told him, "you know... they may or may not be funny to you but I have been on this highway since Lafeyette (191 miles ago)." He chuckled, because that fact was indeed funny. But he quickly reminded me of the law and I told him I was planning on getting off in 4 miles just before Shreveport. I just had to have a picture for this journal and he obliged. Thank you sir. I will stay of the Louisiana interstates.

Texas greeted me with some hot weather. I had been in Louisiana for quite some time and I was ready for a new state. I screamed "Texas" from the bike everytime I saw someone for the 1st 20 miles or so. TEXAS!!!!!

Dewayne and his wife were nice enough to let me bring my bike into their bar b que house and eat some brisket and stuffed peppers with them. For the most part we were alone talking about biking and their son who had completed a cross country tour back in 1976 (I think 1976). Dewayne helped me get settled in the next town down the road, so I could have a nice place to watch the Cleveland Browns tear apart the NY Giants. Thx Dewayne.

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Mom and Dad said...

Glad your safe and off the Louisanna Interstate. Nice policeman! Keep up the good humor Trav. we love you