Thursday, October 2, 2008

The road to 500 miles

Beginning Day 7, Panama City Beach, 10/01/08 Mile 437

I was lucky to stumble upon the Raccoon River Campground. I was actually following my phone's navigator to Gold's Gym and a mile before I got to the gym i pedalled past Raccoon River. I had tent camping with electrical outlets for $27 and I took it. This had allowed me to bike around the beach roads with less gear than my 47 pound pack.

When I woke up I had a headache... Grrrrr... alcohol. And one of my tent's flex poles had snapped. Either I stumbled into the tent carelessly before going to sleep, or I leaned on it too hard during one of my nighttime bathroom breaks. Either way... hmmm what do I do? I think I can still use it again.

Today's ride up the coast was very difficult. I fought the wind for the 1st 30 miles. Usually I can peddle 30 miles on the flat in about 1 1/2 hours. I was more than 2 1/2 hours AND out of water by the time I reached a convenience store to reload.

Then I pedalled into Destin. WHAT A CITY! My favorite city to bike through so far. It was like a newer beach resort city with tall modern buildings and esthetically fun resort attractions with huge statues and signs. But it still felt like a growing up and coming town. I just rode through in awe of the place, so I could have it wrong. I would like to come back.

Leaving town there was a collection of bike surfers that I stopped to watch and take a short break. This is a must try activity if you get a chance. FUN!!!

Dusk was approaching and the stomach was growling. I was lucky to come across "Mr. Pita, a Meditterranean buffet". For $9.95 it was all you can eat of the best gyro meats and meatballs, parmesan tilapia, spinach and cabbage dishes, a salad bar and rich desserts. What a deal. I would definitely stop here again. The waitress was so nice and I also met David, Brittany and Megan who offered me encouragement and well wish. I hope to see you all on the blog.... take care!

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