Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Racing the T-storms to Motel 90

Once I got out of the city and back to more friendly bicycling terrain I had a new enemy. I knew from the weather report thunder storms were in the vicinity today, but these thunder storms aren't quite like the kind we see in Seattle. The clouds loom much closer to the ground and they have a much more daunting appearance, as if they could attack the land at any given second. Lightening screeches as they come together and the following thunder is ground shaking. It's truly awesome! I yelled in approval every time the lightening hit and it motivated me as I was fast on the bike.

I was back on highway 90 at one point and ahead of me was a clear line of blue sky. Behind me and to the south was a creepy dark slow moving storm that seeemed just a few hundred yards off the ground. It was travelling north and west and i was moving at an average pace around 25 plus miles per hour. So i was coming up behind me but also moving across away from me. I kept this pace up for about 35 to 40 minutes. I was truly racing the storm. I could feel the shreak of the lightening as the light from its power bolted by me, brightening up whatever the light could bounce off of. And then in an instant I could feel the barometric pressure ease and the temperature rise. I had beaten the storm.

It was smooth sailing to Motel 90. It was an eerie sort of side of the road motel. 40 bucks, cash only. But it was clean and I was tired from the sprint of the storm race. My fast twitch muscles were spent and I was ready to rest once again.

I watch most of the presidential debate drinking a jar of salsa with some mult grain sunchips (and some fruit) but feel asleep before it was over. When I woke then next morning the news referred to the debate as lacking real inspiration. All I know is that it didn't keep me awake...

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