Friday, October 10, 2008

On to Chicot State Park and 1000 miles

Day 16, Lafeyette Louisiana, 10/10/08, Mile 962

... I woke up this morning and guess who was online. CATI!!!. She is safe and back down from summiting Kilimanjaro. We got to IM for a few minutes until she had to share the computer with the others. I am so proud of her and it made my morning to know she was safe.

I rode just over 50 miles to Chicot State Park. For the 1st time my navigator quit working and I new I was out on my own in the country. I stopped to ask this old guy checking his mail where the park was and he went on to tell me this history of the land, his favorite fishing spot, about his wife passing away and how and when he bought the house he lives in. He we neat ole' guy, just a lil' lonely I think. So I listened carefully without trying to rush him and about 10 minutes into the conversation he told me the Chicot State Park was just about a mile down the road. I wanted to take his picture but it justed didn't seem to fit. I wanted him to remember that kid on the bicycle with the funny clothes that he helped out. Not the kid who took his picture for some unknown reason.

Before I made it to Chicot, I crossed the 1000 milestone for my journey. I had wondered where I would be at this exact moment. Here is my video at that moment for you.

When I got to the park I met Chip and Tonia at the registration. They asked about my bicycle and where i was coming and going to. They were very nice and sincerely said "good luck" as they went on their way.

This was really a scenic park with nice large campsites and power. The road was large enough to accommodate large camper trailers but still nestled in green canopy as if heading through a tunnel of trees. The sun was still peeking through the trees with isolated rays through the branches that found their was to the ground. I was tired and I set up my tent at site #10. And I put my head to rest for a short nap.

I woke to the sound of someone outside... "Hey, cycle guy." I thought I was dreaming. I rustled for a second with my eyes still closed. "Mr, Coursey?", I heard next. I turned over from where I was resting on my back and with my eyes still closed said, "Yeah?". "You want some home cooking and a beer or something?" I now knew from the voice it was Chip i had met at registration and without hesitation I affirmed back, "now you are speaking my language".

So Chip and his wife Tonia and their daughter Madison (billy the wabbit) invited me over for some shrimp and shrooms and taters. It was very nice, especially the way they went out of their way to find me. I was in campsite #10, they were in campsite #67. They also offered me a bed and breakfast in the morning. I was already set up for bed, but I did agree some eggs and bacon and coffee were a good idea to send me off for a long riding day tomorrow.
Thank you all so much. It was truly great meeting you. And I am sure to see you again someday down the road. Take care!


Shannon said...

Congrats on meeting Mile Marker 1000!!!!! Awesome. I could not see the video, but I might have been missing something.

Shannon said...

Hey Trav, check out my new profile picture. Uncle Snooks and Kim---your new aunt. :-)

The Ardoin's said...

Hey we are back home and safe and thanks for the nice words. We will keep in touch down the road.

Always The Ardoin's