Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mississippi... fix your roads... geez

The second I crossed into Mississippi, the highway changed into this bumpy, redish brown and cracked aggregate that gives me the feeling when I'm riding like you might feel when crossing a bridge in a car with a steel grate surface. It's that continuous high pitched vibration reminiscent of the dentist chair. To add to the suffering, the shoulders are non-existent, or compressed gravel and the 4 lane highway is more narrow than the prior states. At least there are fewer cars.

I was heading to Shepherd State Park Campground which took me through Pascagoula to Gaultier. I was racing sundown to get there, but I had a little time to spare. I made my 1st fast food stop for the trip. Wendy's. I got the grilled chicken burger with Mandarin oranges and unsweetened tea. Not bad and certainly quick. It was a good thing I ate too, because once I got to the campground, I was nowhere near an eating house or grocery store.

Shepherd State Park is really an RV stop. I had power for the computer but basically a slab a concrete like hard sand to pitch my tent on. It was $16 on the honor system. I paid. I pitched my tent and slept well... of course.

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