Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Leaving New Orleans

Day 13, October 7, New Orleans Louisiana, Mile 776

... well, the New Orleans Saints loss a heartbreaker the night before and I was in an independant brewery pub taking in the experience. I met a guy who lives in Virginia named Chris. We got to talking about the bike tour and triathlon's and he mentioned I should try the "Muddy Buddy"
races if I ever get a chance. On October 26th, Cati is meeting me in Dallas to run the 2008 Muddy Buddy. It is a team race where you run and bicycle through obstacle courses and a finale mud pit. check is out on you tube at this link. It is hilarious. I can't wait. Cati will be the greatest muddy buddy partner ever.

So I woke up a little slowly at the Crowne Plaza. I was up late mourning the loss with the Saints as I stopped at a second bar on my way back to the hotel. "I probably should have just slept" I was thinking as I stumbled to the shower. It was a great hotel for the $99 dollar stay. Below is after I packed up to leave. I took the bike right into the elevator and up to the eighth floor and no one seems to mind.

Biking out of town proved to be a maze of interstate, streets and highway I wasn't sure I could pass on along with the looming concern I would get stuck in another unsavory neighborhood. At one point I walked my bike across some freeway in order to get to the freeway I wanted to be on. This took me to a stretch of Interstate 10 that I shouldn't be riding on, but the off ramp to get me back on Hwy. 90 was in site. So I took the chance and out of New Orleans I went.

Leaving a big city on a bicycle is a lot like leaving a port-a-potty after it's due for a sanitation. You bike into the city disturbed by the smells of polution and vehicle emissions. You do your business in order to leave. And then when you finally get out city you feel the freedom of fresh air and the open road again.

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Shannon said...

lol you crack me up. Nice analogy.