Thursday, October 9, 2008


Day 15, New Iberia Louisiana, 10/09/08, Mile 922
Lafeyette turned out to be a lot a fun. I can't wait to tell you about it.

It started off with a casual ride toward Lafeyette. I took a more scenic route since highway 90 no longer had a shoulder and the traffic was much more dense. Highway 182 proved to be much less congested although the road itself was pretty rugged sometimes. My eyes and senses were glued to my rear tire and tube. I knew the clock was ticking before the tire had a hole in it, so I was extra cautious over the bumps and potholes in the road.

I made it to Capitol Cyclery after about 35 miles. I was greeted with great service and immediate help. Jason was helping me put all the new parts on gave me a sweet deal on some extra tubes. Another man Tony was there too and we were all just standing around talking bikes like we were old pals. It was a good scene. Thanks guys.

I needed a lifting workout so off to Red Lerille's Health Club (Red's) I go for a workout and more. The guest policy is that if I live outside of a 40 miles radius I can come in for $12. I chose to do an all body life because they had a lot of machines I had never used before. I was also able to enjoy and needed hot tub before I left.

Since I left Slidell without me tent, I needed to get a new one. I can't afford to stay in hotels, so I need to camp as much as possible. I had found a place called the Pack N Paddle.
They had some really nice tents and I got to meet the owners John and Becky. They just came back from a 500 mile hike in Colorado over 37 days. Nice work you two!!! John invited me to a movie they were showing at the store that night and John mentioned a campsite close by. I was already tired from todays activities so I took my new tent and set up camp about 4 miles away at the Arcadia campground.

Pack N Paddle is not just a store. It is an environment rich with the most friendly do-gooders and just plain happy outdoor's people. You might say the outdoor's is their religion and Pack N Paddle is where they congregrate.
Before the movie they had the most delicious bread and pepper jam and huge cookies (so you know I was happy), a gorgeous fruit bouquet and some wine.
A professor from a local institution spoke a little about the history leading up to the kind of sculpting in the forthcoming movie.
The movie was called "River's and Tides" by sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. Goldsworthy's medium and nature in motion as it relate to time and the effect of water's ebb's and flows and tides on his sculpture. Which for me most part is then destroyed (or as he say's "given back") by nature and his art is only then a lasting memory through photograph and film. It's not a movie you will see in the box office so here is a link if this interests you.
After we all went out for burgers and refreshments and the John and Becky were kind enough to drive me back to camp.
It was an uplifting experience meeting all of you. And I hope to see you all visiting the blog down the road. Take care. Travis


Mom and Dad said...

Your right I don't see any body fat. Even your face is thinner. I can give you some of my fat.

Shannon said...

Hey trav glad you are having fun again and you are safe. I am here in Ventura, CA with cousin Presley and Eric and Cous Chritine and Rich. Pretty cool to be here. I too got here safe and sound. Had a rental car mishap but I am dealing with it. Just glad to be here. Presley says hi.