Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And the weather was good... but the bike?

Day 14, October 8th, Raceland Louisiana, Mile 830

It is really something how the weather can change overnight from vicious black clouds and attacking lightening, to clear and cool with no cloud in site.

My rear tire is already worn. It has a red line under the tread that is designed to let me know when to replace it. Lafeyette was 100 miles away so I hoped for the best. Also my waterproof panier has a hole poked in it from jamming my computer into it. No problem. I should be able to patch it from the inside. My bicycle computer quit switching modes, but when I detached it from the housing it would still switch modes. I am hoping it is just the battery. Finally my rack which is bolted to the frame has a striped bolt that I found trying to slip out. I would guess the bike store did it at installation and its just finally working its way out. I'm not really sure what the solution is on this one. Oh yeah, my pump quit working. I have CO2 backup though. Good thing I am going to the bike store tomorrow. Its about 25 miles away from where I am staying tonight.

Today was just a long ride. 92 miles. Over two long hauls. I had a great all you can eat lunch buffet at Shoney's. Just an unbelievable price for the nutrition you get if you choose the right foods in the buffet. I was starving, since I only had a banana and 40 miles of bicycling behind me. Four full plates of food over a 2.5 hours while I emailed and blogged. How do they make any money???

I was heading for Lafeyette. Much of the ride was windy with elevated roadway over marsh next to untouched land in its natural state. It was a beautiful ride, even though this stretch of highway was continuously posted with Bear Crossing signs.

I looked for animals here. Nothing but slow flowing shallow murky water.

I closed the day at sundown and plan to start tomorrow at 6AM for another long ride.


Shannon said...

Trav glad you are safe and out of New Orleans. I got your message so thanks. Watch out for the ya.

Mom and Dad said...

Hi Trav, all of my Bible study group has been praying for you. You are on their hearts and mine. love Mom