Friday, September 26, 2008

Ups and Down the 1st day

Beginning Day 2, 85th mile, 9/26/08, Suncoast Trail, Lutz Florida

All in all the 1st biking day was great! I travelled 85 miles (although I can't say all 85 got me closer to Seattle). Leaving Tampa was hard simply because Tampa is in no way set up for bicycling. And a lot of folks seem to think nearly grazing the bicyclist is cool. This normally wouldn't bother me but with my load weighing 47 pds (plus the rack) I was nervous.

I took the Upper Tampa trail which is really nice (when you can find). But it is broken up in pieces and i missed the connections a few times. By the time I reached the Suncoast Trail, i had already booked 45 miles for the day. I think it could have been done in about 35 miles.

The suncoast trail was amazing. 41 miles of 12 foot wide and nicely paved bike paths. Periodically there were picnic benches and even some cover with water provided in 5 gallon dispensers (much like a golf course will often do every few holes). There were bird sanctuaries and lots of little critters like that banana spider that I hope I never come face to face with. I met a nice couple along the trail at one of the rest spots. I didn't get there names but I did give them information on this blog. If you two read this let me know who you were. It was a pleasure meeting you.

I camped out on the trail. Something I imagine I wasn't suppose to do. But I rode for about 45 minutes in the dark and then found a cozy spot. This pictures below I took when I woke up.


Shannon said...

Glad you are safe and having fun! Love ya keep us posted

suncoast trail couple said...

Hey. We are the couple you met on the Suncoast Trail. We have been checking your blog daily, it was a pleasure meeting you. We are looking forward to checking your blog and seeing how your journey goes.
-Hugh & Stacey (the suncoast couple)
Ps Thanks for mentioning us.

Mom and Dad said...

Hey Trav, it is just mom and dad saying we love you.

Mom and Dad said...

test test we want leave you a blog