Thursday, September 25, 2008

Time To Quit Talking... And Start Riding!!!

Day 1, Mile 0, 9/25-08 Tampa, Florida

Anticipation is a thing of the past and my anxiety woke me up early today. It is time to start riding. I am so excited to start the bicycle computer at zero miles and head north up the suncoast trail. Check that trail out at It is about 20 miles to the trail head and the just over 40 through the trail. From here I will head over to Hwy 19 and find a place to nest for the night. Planning on a 100 miles minimum today. I hope to share some great pictures.

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Patti said...

Seems we told Travis about the large obstacles to watch out for like bears and cougars and crazy drunk rednecks but failed to warn him about the fire ants when camping...hope you picked up some mace and bug spray along the way. We are talking about you daily and sending you energy Travis
Happy Trails