Saturday, September 20, 2008

My care package :)

I received the most thoughtful care package from the most special person. It came in the mail to my friend Jon's house in Tampa at the perfect time. I was talking on the phone with Cati when the doorbell rang. I was startled because Jon was at work and I was at his house alone. And when I opened the door the mailman was scurrying away to avoid being detoured from the pace of his route. I looked down on the porch and in front of me was a box with my name on it. The sender was my Cati and I immediately felt the warmth and embrace of her next to me, as if she was personally looking into my eyes and handing me the package in person.

Inside were homemade cookies and Whoopers (my addiction). There were freeze dried meals and matches, a 2 gallon water bag, some bio TP and other important items I may have overlooked in my preparation. For those of you who know me, I am the kind of person who seems to be able to plan poorly while surviving famously. So I am extremely grateful to have my care package that reminds me necessities I may need for the long haul. Thank you Cati so much for the amazing gift. I love it! You are a blessing to my soul.

I wish I was with you to prepare another GPE, like the 2nd picture below.

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