Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Knight Rider

... so I take the directions, which were perfectly explained, from the waitresses at Barbeque Bills and I head to Fanning about 7 miles away. Directly to the right of a weigh station as promised was the trailhead to the Nature Coast Trail. It was dark already and I had just planned to find a place to camp on the trail (assuming I actually found it). But I couldn't resist. The trail was too wide and too newly paved and too flat not to give the lights and a night ride a try.

If you have never tried it, I recommend a bike trail in the dark. Its the change to nocturnal critters and unexpected obstacles, like spider webs and the occasional pothole, that prove thrilling. Plus, it just seems like you're travelling faster in the dark. Not too long on the trail I saw two little glass eyes staring at me. It was a beautiful sleek little fox. I had never seen one before. But he had probably seen plenty of bikers. His piercing stare seemed to say "hurry up and move along, you are holding up my evening hunt" A couple of miles later another set of glass eyes. An all black cat laying in the road facing me. It wasn't an adult or a kitten, but definitely a young cat. It only stared and never moved as I passed closely by. Mean anything to the superstitious?

I pressed on nearly two hours all the way to Cross City where the trail ended. 101 miles clocked for the day!


Ben said...

depends on if the cat was alive or not! if dead then he promises to be at least the second most unlucky one!

Ben said...

oh just a suggestion... at the beginning of your posts you should state the date, miles, city, and state for those of us following along at home. e.g. 9/27 mile 320, newport, fl.

Kukie Monstr said...

Good idea Ben. Thx I'll do that.