Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Greatest Laundry Mat Ever!

BTW - Hello to Hugh and Stacey. I just learned to read the comments. You are welcome for mentioning you. If you would like to email a picture of you two biking, I would be glad to add it to that blog. Again great to meet you.

Beginning Day 6, Panama City, 9/30/08 - Mile 412

I woke up around 8:30 even after having an extra hour to work with since I passed through my first time zone. I have just a few things to accomplish today. Get my laundry done (I am out of clean clothes), find a place in Panama City Beach to stay (just 15 miles away), and enjoy the beach.

....so I walked into this laundry with my bicycle and the lady at the counter said sternly " uh uh, you can't bring that bike in here". I laughed and hope she would change her mind. She said, "I have been here 11 years, your bike will be safe." I respected her words immediately and parked outside. When I walked back in I told her, "you know if you would have said you were here only 10 years, I would have walked out and gone somewhere else".

So the Fresh Scent Coin Laundry turned out to be a great time for me. The folks inside helped me choose the right washing maching and one nice lady even donated some dryer sheets (letting me know the ones I had weren't sufficient for the job).

I made several friends, including Pastor Tommy. His church is on my way out of town. So I may be stopping by there on Wednesday night. He gave me a contact number in case I needed a lift anywhere. Nice to meet you Rev. Hope to see you again.

Hey Pastor Tommy... look what I found. Just as you described with the flags and all...


Ronni said...

I bet you'll meet a lot of angels along the way....and probably a few devils too... =-)

Ben said...

they should change the name to fresh cent laundry. or 75 cent away from fresh scent. perhaps fresh scent, no lint, for 75 cent. or better yet the lint trap.