Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Forgotten Coast - starting with Panacea

Beginning day 4, Newport Florida, 9/28/08, mile 271

After turning west onto US 98, I could feel the climate change. Today was definitely a cooler day. Mild cloud cover not quite shading the sun and a treeline that was taller, looking over me. US 19 was broad leaf and palm like shorter trees with the sun beaming on me at all times of the day. US 98 was more like a tunnel of evergreen (not quite as dense like Seattle) that would shade me in the early and later hours.

About 25 miles after Newport I reached Panacea. If you know greek mythology, Panacea is the greek goddess of healing. And a lot of healing is being done in Panacea. As I saw the coast and took a couple of pictures, I was once again assaulted with billboard after billboard. This time advertising Hook Wreck Henry's dockside cafe. With all the booze and seafood eats and NFL football, there was a whole lot of healing going on.

I ate Scallywag (picture below). I guess its Florida's version of potato skins. It had cheese and bacon melted over oysters. It was scrumptious. But then I thought... did I taste the oyster? I guess I'll stick them raw or steamed. If I was cheese and bacon, I'll order potato skins.

Hook Wreck Henry's had an outdoor tiki bar and dj that was an exceptional mix of 70's and 80's with some modern remix.... He even played a game of guess the sit com going all the way back to Dennis the Menace (my favorite of course) Nice work dude!

After a few glasses of wine, the food and music... I doubt I am getting much farther today. You will know tomorrow. Football is on... signing out.

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