Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 2... 100 Miles!!!

Today was amazing! I woke up just before sun up, packed my goods and was on the road by 8:30. I had another 8-10 miles before completing the Suncoast Trail. When I reached the end I discovered a baron parking lot and just the Interstate aside it. Oh well I thought, "I am not going back"

I had to go north on the interstate, so I walked my bike across the tall grass median and pedalled on. There was a decent shoulder so I felt fine and in 6 miles or so I was back on hwy 19 heading toward the Florida panhandle.

I rode for about 90 minutes when I decided breakfast and a recharge of the phone and computer were necessary. Or if I ran into a gym, I would get a lifting workout in 1st. In a town called Homosassa, I ran into a greek family restaurant called Olive Tree. It reminded me of Leena's on 15th NE in Shoreline. I ordered a Greek Omelette and downed several cups of coffee before I saw the homemade blueberry pie sign. And I ate that too! Blueberries are full of antixidants you know :)

Since i was rested, I motivated myself for a long ride until dinner (or a gym still, but I wasn't hopeful). 56 miles later I was exhausted in Chiefland and stumbled across Barbeque Bill's. Bill's is the kind of place where the service is just "sooooo sweet (southern accent a must)". They fill your ice tea 7 or 8 times an hour and everyone is just happy to be there. It's packed in this eatin' house too. Here is why. I got the special for the evening. Tasty sliced pork with homeade baked beans, thick fries, a largle slice a garlic bread and a completely fresh and healthy salad bar which included desserts. $7.90. Along with the great price, I sat at the table nearly 2 hours charging up my electronics (I always ask if its ok 1st). Finally, I got directions to a bike trail (one I had no idea existed) that turned my evening into a whole new unexpected adventure. I felt like I short changed the waitress after just a 60% tip. BARBEQUE BILLS.... "YOU ROCK"
Oh, that picture from the bridge. I took the picture because the scene was pretty. But just before I snapped the photo a semi truck went by me. I didn't have much shoulder to balance with and the force of the wind following the truck nearly knocked my over. And for a moment i couldn't regain my balance. WHY, cause the bridge was bouncing, like if you were in a rising elevator and some big man started jumping up and down. I don't know much about bridges but I took the photo and sprinted off before the next truck past me.

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Ben said...

love the bbq place! sure i was on this adventure too